Thursday, March 28, 2013

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Native to Southwestern Pennsylvania, I fell in love with nature and spiritual mysteries at a young age. Originally raised in the Roman Catholic Church, I always thought I'd be a nun, joining the convent long after a life well-lived with much adventure of course. Exploring many different religious practices, I eventually discovered NeoPaganism in college, practicing several forms of earth-based religion before settling on ADF Druidry in 1994. I became a leader, liturgist and Ovates (Seer) with Sassafras Grove through 2009 - at which time I became a solitary member of ADF. I currently continue my spiritual practice of honoring the Ancestors, Nature Spirits and Shining Ones privately - focused on the power of our land and our blessed rivers. 

At about the same time, I discovered a group of consciousness explorers based in Cincinnati, Ohio and began my studies with Sheya, transformational magick and shamanism with them. I eventually received all available initiations and mentored several students through the process over many years.

Looking for a bridge between my mystical inner realms and the public community aspect of my druidry, I discovered the Rites of Eleusis. I have worked since 1995 to enliven and celebrate a modern version of this ancient mystery religion through study, teaching, meditation and ritual.

Threaded through all of this is, of course, my deep love for divination and spiritual analyses. I have used the Tarot as a tool for personal development for over 20 years, integrating Astrology into my studies soon after - and starting to teach and share what I learned by early 2000.

After donating readings, teaching and sharing for many years - I finally felt comfortable enough to "hang out my shingle" and ask for compensation starting in 2008. Since then I have been providing lectures & presentations at wellness events and library programs, seeing clients in my home office and teaching classes at various locations around Pittsburgh.

I love what I do and know that I am always fully engaged for the benefit of my client(s) to the best of my ability. Although my personal path has taken me to mostly earth-based religions, I am deeply influenced by aspects of Buddhism, Hinduism and non-affiliated Spirituality in my practice. I serve clients who identify as Christian, Jewish or Atheist with the same dedication to releasing the light within regardless of how they are called
to do so.

- D.L.P.




Private Tarot Consultations by appointment $50 1 hour
Astrological Services - Natal Chart & Forecasting $100
Annual Harvest - Tarot, Astrology & Numerology $100
Mentoring in the Intuitive Arts: Meditation, Journaling, Ritual Development and Spiritual Practice (sliding scale)


The Fool's Quest - Introduction to Tarot, 8 weeks
Born This Way - Introduction to the Natal Chart, 3 weeks
Wheel of the Year - Practical Earth Spirituality, 4 weeks
Jung & the Tarot - Advanced Symbolism, 4 weeks
Eleusinian Mysteries - Transformative Practice, 3 weeks
* Most classes are held weekly in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, for $10-$15 per class. Please check back here or contact me for a current schedule.


Weekend workshops are developed to meet the needs of your group: a practical application of Tarot and Astrology or a contemplative retreat on the archetypes. 
I occasionally offer services at events: providing lighter but insightful readings at fundraisers, wellness fairs, employee appreciation days and parties, with stipulations. 
Please contact me for further information and rates,

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  1. I do believe it is time for another reading. Things have changed so much since I last saw you. Miss you much.